Who We Are


Menur was established in 2017 in Kuching, Sarawak with a mission of producing high quality bespoke scarves with aesthetic floral design elements.

This year of 2018,  Menur is a lifestyle brand in both fashion and home furnishing, specialised in pattern designs that inspired by local artisans and talented craftsmen.

Since its inception, the brand has expanded throughout Southeast Asia and has a strong presence in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

‘Menur’ means ‘Jasmine’ in old Javanese language.


In reality art is always for everyone and for no one.

Natasha Jasmine Edwina

Hi my name is Natasha Jasmine Edwina, the founder of Menur.

Born and breed in Jakarta, Indonesia – I spent almost half of my life living abroad (I would consider Malaysia as one of fast moving developing country). I grew up mostly in Kuala Lumpur and in 2014 I tied the knot with a Malaysian who has captured my heart. I then decided to move to Malaysia for good. At the moment, I am a full-time housewife and with 2 beautiful baby girls and currently living in Kuching, Sarawak.

I graduated from Lim Kok Wing University back in 2010 in Bachelor of Interior Architecture. I became a lecturer for 4 years right after I graduated, in the same building I which I spent my entire student life.

I had always dreamt of having my own fashion line back when I was in University . I also have a vision to own a retail shop to showcase the hidden talent that I’ve kept for ages.

Since then, I’ve gathered the love of my passion in fashion and my skills to build my own business. I started designing for printed digital printing scarf back in 2016. It was just a hobby back then. My husband was the one who encouraged and gave me full support to pursue my dream by turning this one hobby that I had for a very long time into a business. As a single income provider, it is not enough to cover our living cost. Turning my hobby into a business is the best decision that I’ve made. I finally now can contribute and support for my little family.

I was only one man show when Menur was officially in the market in late of 2016. I named the brand with my middle name-Jasmine which has the same meaning. Menur means jasmine flower taken from an old Javanese Sanskrit. Most of the designs that I created symbolize floral and comes with the element of feminism and luxurious feel.

Menur is inspired to be a product character that we would like to incorporate flowers design into every product.

In early 2017, I decided to get my best friend to be part of the team. Farahnaz Mirelle Alexandra is the Production Manager for Menur. She is responsible in Menur entire production process while in the same time handling Menur market in Indonesia.

By October, 2017 Dayang Azzyyari Ermiza came into the picture by becoming the face for the brand. It was an unplanned event when I asked her to be one of the model for that particular season.

At the very beginning, she was the one who volunteered to help us for the event in MATRADE in September 2017 consequentially making her part of Menur family member.

From that point forward, every one of us cooperated well in making this business to grow to the next level.

Farahnaz Mirelle Alexandra

I am the co- founder and the production manager of Menur.

I graduated from Limkokwing University Malaysia in 2011.

I have been working as an interior designer for the past 6 years with different interior consultant companies in Jakarta. 3 years ago, I moved to Bali, Indonesia and started working for a new interior company.

I always had a dream of having my own business. In 2016, my best friend, Natasha Jasmine Edwina shared to me her plan to build a fashion business. With my background in working with different clients from the furniture industry, I helped her in planning her production.

Tasha invited me to join the business which made me very excited. After 1 year, I finally joined Menur. I believe in the potential of our brand and so I have decided to quit my interior company job and decided to focus on Menur full time. 

I dream that we reach more customers that will have access to our beautiful and one-of-a kind pieces that will make them beautiful and strong.

Dayang Azzyyari Ermiza

Hi! My name is Dayang Azzyyari Ermiza. I am the Sales & Marketing Director for Menur.

I was working as a flight attendant for the past 10 years with two aviation companies in Malaysia namely Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia Bhd.

I started to develop my interest in business especially in fashion when I was working in the aviation industry. Buying pretty clothes and matching all garments from head to toe is my forte.

My passion in fashion and fabrics is also greatly driven by the people surrounding me who has the same interest.

Dressing well is part of flight attendant’s grooming requirement and a compulsory to maintain a high level of standard.

I started peering into Menur ecosystem back in October,2017. I was very much their biggest fan and never fails to buy each of their series.

My business partner now (Natasha) happens to be one of my best friend and married to my husband’s childhood friend. Natasha and her other good friend, Mirelle which also her business partner approached me and invited me to be part of their team. I was reluctant at first as I do not have any background in business management and marketing. All I’ve ever done for the past decade was only pouring coffees, teas and greeting hellos and good mornings to my passengers.

I was very lucky to have my other half that gave me the confidence and also supported me to the whole new experience and always telling me to go beyond and have faith in whatever i do in life.

Finally I said yes to both of them.

I was the face for their brand at first as the business gradually grows. It all started as a hobby but now since it’s inception in February 2017, the brand now has a very strong presence in 3 Southeast Asia countries, MALAYSIA, BRUNEI and INDONESIA.